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How To Survive In The Wilderness

Survival Techniques in the Wilderness

Most of the adventure tours and travel plans often end up on a happy note with no delay in flights, proper food arrangements, safe place to stay and spend the night, a guide to walk you through the journey and lot more. However, in this wilderness travel escapade there can be a situation when you will have to fight your way through in order to survive. From floods to storms to snowfall to even thirst or hunger or heavy rains, adventure enthusiasts can certainly fight their way through if they are adequately prepared and have a deep understanding of the survival techniques.

7 Steps to Survive or Save a Life

  1. Do not panic
    The very first reaction that any individual gives upon being stuck in a myriad of problems is to get worried. However, by controlling one’s emotions and not reacting adversely, one can surely walk past the vigilant situations. The best way is to anticipate the situation better and get yourself and the surrounding members of your team prepared and deal with it upfront.
  2. STOP
    While stuck in wilderness, always follow the S.T.O.P technique, which is, Stop, Think, Observe and Plan. This is one of the most benefitting techniques and has been proven useful by many age old travelers.
  3. Look for Clean water
    Water is ideally the most important part of your journey. However, when stuck, it is always better to check for the availability of clean and drinkable water.
  4. Make a shelter for Yourself
    Whether it is to spend the night or for safety against natural calamities or animals, it is always advisable to make a shelter. You may find many elements like rocks, branches, twigs, roots, caves and trees etc. to begin erecting the shelter. A simple technique that can be used is lean-to, where multitudes of branches or wood are positioned against the sides of a large rock or tree.
  5. Find options to food
    The best technique to find options for food is to research the place where you are stranded in. From eggs to remains of dead animals, a thorough research will take you through a lifetime experience with your gag reflex tolerance being geared up.
  6. Learn to Fire
    While lighting a matchbox may be quite easy, there are varied techniques to light a fire without a match box, which every adventurist must gain know-how about. Fire-plow technique is a century old friction technique while rubbing a hard wood shaft with a softer one is also benefitting.
    Direct spark is another primitive technique.
  7. Signal for help
    Always keep objects like glass, mirror or matchbox to signal for help.

Survival Gear

There is always a darker side to what you see in adventurous trips and journeys. Though it is not always that the adventurists face a bewildering situation, however, many a times they do! In such cases, knowing the survival techniques to survive in the wilderness helps to a great extent. If you are well prepared for your outing, then your backpack must comprise of essential protection elements and equipment that will help you to survive in an emergency and critical situation.


You backpack must consist of the essential elements like knife, lighting equipment like flashlights, candle, match sticks, lighter, compass map for easy navigation, sun glasses, mirror, magnifying lens, waterproof articles, whistles, tarp and flares. Keeping these essentials handy in your backpack will surely help you to survive in wilderness during cold.

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